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Home Window Washing | Residential Window Washing Suwanee

When you want to have your windows cleaned please use me for your best results.  Window cleaning is what I do and I have dedicated my life  to using the best techniques and equipment available. I use specialized equipment for exterior windows that is residue and chemical free.  It is ecologically green.  There is no harm to flower beds, pets or Koi ponds. It is environmentally friendly and gives superior results.  By using this technique I can successfully wash windows up to 45 feet without using a ladder.  For interior windows there are a variety of techniques available for great results.  Even if you have a stained glass picture window above your foyer, Window Cleaning Solution has an answer for that.

Clean windows give you a clear view and they tell everyone about pride of ownership.  Clean windows make your home sparkle and communicate to the world this is home that is special.   Clean windows are that extra special treatment that says everything is in order and we are proud of this home.  A clear view is what you paid for when you fell in love with the property you bought.  Likelyhood is that the previous owners cleaned the windows just prior to listing the home.  In fact, according to an article from Money Magazine in 2000 the number one return on investment for selling your home is having your windows professionally cleaned.  It makes sense when you think about it.  Its all about curb appeal.  Staging a house, landscaping, carpet cleaning and a fresh coat of paint can and do help, and they are costly when compared to the simple act of cleaning your windows. I mean after all, would you try to sell a dirty car?  If you want your Suwanee home to stand out just call me for a professional window washing.  

You know, many of the homes in Suwanee have beautiful, large picture windows that allow the beauty of nature to shine in.  These windows are sometimes too high up for us to reach and even when we can get to the windows it can be frustrating to get the streak free results we desire.  There is a sound technical reason why  cleaning windows can result in a streaky mess.  It is because of the techniques used to get the clean glass.  While glass appears to be smooth it is not.  The surface of glass is actually pitted and uneven under a microscope.  When a paper towel is used along with a glass cleaner the dirt is rubbed into the glass and some of it stays behind creating streaks.  The proper method to clean glass is to put the dirt into a solution and then, while the dirt is suspended in the solute lift the dirt off the glass using a squeegee.  This sounds like an easy task and with right technique and the proper equipment it is.  As with any job the right tools are a must.  Sometimes the windows must be razor bladed to remove paint and debris, Sometimes the windows require a  little encouragement to open. And sometimes the windows are just too high to reach.  So long as the task is approached with patience and stamina,The average Suwanee home will require about six hours to wash all of its windows inside and out.  Ask yourself, is this really how I want to spend my weekend and free time?  

How often should a professional window cleaner service your home?  Usually about every six months but, it depends on you.  Do you entertain frequently? Do you have your yard landscaped by professionals?  Do you have a maid service? Do you want your home to look its best? The cultural norm in England is to have windows cleaned monthly.  Here in Suwanee, I find that most people clean the windows at least twice per year.  This usually first occurs whenever they first realize that their windows are dirty.   Then evry six months because they enjoy the results so much they want me back again to keep them looking fresh.   Call me for a free consultation and we can clean your windows and make your Suwanee home really shine.  

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Hi, I'm Jim Bartow, the Owner and Operator of Window Cleaning Solutions, an Atlanta Window Washing Company based in Suwanee, GA... (more)

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